More Avoidance Activity

More hours spent on Avoidance Activities this afternoon, this time on The Twitter where a degree of disagreement quickly developed today over a comment made by the Chair of the government’s ‘behaviour group’. Mr Bennett apparently gave a ‘shout out’ to all the teachers who are planning on arranging their desks in neat rows for the new term, the implied assertion being that this one simple action would Solve Behaviour Problems. Found the resultant flurry of accusation and counter-accusation bewildering and mildly depressing. Led me to reflect on the past twenty five years of my own experience and concluded that although a suggestion that the mere re-arrangement of physical space would lead to Good (a word which here I perhaps wrongly interpret to mean compliant) behaviour to be somewhat naive and wilfully simplistic, realise too that counter-arguments perhaps also failed to miss this point. Wonder if this is inevitable where ripostes are character limited, which leads me to doubt if The Twitter is a place I really want to be inhabiting on a regular basis. Decide on further reflection that what I find most troubling of all is that a senior representative of a Government initiative should be using the phrase ‘shout out’, but willing to concede that this may simply be more evidence that I am Old and Out Of Touch.

Avoidance Activities

Up at some unholy hour this Sunday morning and instantly tell myself that if 8am feels unseemly today then just imagine the unpleasantness tomorrow when I shall be forced to rise two hours earlier. Breakfast passes somewhat in the manner of the last meal of the condemned as over yoghurt and fruit I peruse my to-do list whilst being silently determined to Get Organised for the week ahead. Once more worry that I am not using the most efficient list app on my mobile telephone and immediately embark on a range of avoidance activities including rearranging books in the first landing bookcases. Consider asking The Twitter what method of categorisation would be best: alphabetical by author; by genre and then author; by colour of spine or Other? Not entirely convinced this would be helpful as it would undoubtedly lead to squabbles and recriminations. Decide in the end to put books back in same order they were previously.

Handheld vacuum cleaner runs of out power halfway through the downstairs rooms. Consider this is probably A Sign. Look again at my school email inbox and add three more actions to The List. Consider that on reflection none of the actions are time critical. Also convinced that vacuum cleaner will be charged enough to finish off the downstairs rooms in an hour or two anyway and that starting something new would be foolish so therefore decide to make third coffee and write this diary entry. Feel this is surely the most efficient use of my time.